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Tiffany Desiree is a newlywed author from Seattle, Washington. She created and manages the Facebook page titled: INFJ - The Outgoing Introvert. Before becoming a full-time writer, Tiffany worked as a Public Affairs Reporter from 2007 - 2010 for KBCS 91.3, promoter for Movin 92.5 in 2013, and starred in Perjury as Catherine Hall around 2012. 


In April 2016, Tiffany released her first children's book: No Peas, Please! Tiffany has been writing her whole life. She currently writes children's books and adult fiction. In December 2017, she released her second book, First Christmas in Fruity Land, A Gift of Giving. In March 2018, she published Fair Day in Fruity Land via US publisher LolliWolliWorld

Tiffany primarily writes about African and Asian elephants. However, Tiffany also writes about Multiracial ancestry. She is Multigenerational mixed; which consists of Lumbee, Mulengeon, and Choctaw. 


Via DNA testing, Tiffany learned she is part Tsonga (Shangaan) of Mozambique. Writing for LolliWolliWorld has brought Tiffany closer to Africa as some of her ancestors migrated to America.


When Tiffany isn't writing, she enjoys hiking, listening to music, and hanging out with her dog, Wilfred.

In 2018, LolliWolliWorld and Seedling Theatre presented, "The First Christmas in Fruity Land, A Gift of Giving," written by Tiffany Desiree. This holiday presentation was directed by Kris Blake (founder of Seedling Theatre Company) and co-directed by Tiffany Desiree (author).

NOTE: Learn your ABCs with Leola Bear and Founder's Day in Fruity Land has a perspective 2021 release date. Slight publication delays because of COVID.