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Purchase your very own copy of a 'Fruity Land Adventures Series' book. Journey into Fruity Land, a wildlife sanctuary for various animals. Elephants, rhinos, bobcats and many more call this sanctuary home. This series focuses on two East African elephants who are best friends, Lolli and Wolli. Each colorful page teaches children and adults about wildlife, the importance of the earth's caretakers, the value of healthy eating, friendship, and family.

No Peas, Please! 



Join Lolli and her best friend Wolli on a Pea-ful adventure in Fruity Land, an animal conservation for wildlife to live freely from poaching. Venture into Fruity Land as Wolli tries convincing Lolli to eat her peas by sharing the yummy benefits of eating healthy. Identify the various fruits and vegetables on each colorful page.


Release Date: April 28, 2016

The First Christmas in Fruity Land, A Gift of Giving

Venture into Fruity Land Island with Lolli and Wolli to celebrate their very first Christmas. Wolli is excited to share a little holiday cheer with a new FrutiyLander, once discovering he didn't receive the gift he wanted from Santa Claus. Join Lolli and Wolli as they share stories about reindeer and snowmen. Take a bite of some yummy Yoi Yoi's or unwrap your very first present with Lolli, Wolli, and family.


For more information about the 2018 stage play, click here: 

Release Date: December 17, 2017

LolliWolliWorld Publishing
Fair Day in Fruity Land

Embark on a venturesome Fair Day in Fruity Land with Ruby, a bubbly and carefree rabbit who loves eating pink cotton candy. After overeating cotton candy, Ruby develops stomach pains and toothache. Lolli and Wolli stumbled upon Ruby holding her tummy, with much concern, they decided to help their new friend covered in cotton candy. Could sugar be the cause of Ruby Rabbits' stomach aches? Get to know this delightful character during one of the biggest Fairs in Fruity Land. 


Release Date: March 20, 2018

abc 3d.jpg

Learn your ABCs with Leola Bear

Wildlife Edition

Are you ready to learn your ABCs with Leola bear on Fruityland Island? Join Leola bear as she faces some challenges with remote learning as a first-year student. In this intermediate workbook, explore various wildlife from around the world. As a bonus, research endangered species and their natural habitats. Discover how Kangaroos, Elephants, and Rhinos are facing extinction due to habitat loss and poaching. This colorful, interactive workbook is perfect for advanced early learners and bold educators.

Release Date: 2021

Founder's Day in Fruity Land
Founder’s Day in Fruity Land
Founder’s Day in Fruity Land is LolliWolliWorlds 4th book publication. Witness magical mushrooms, talking bumblebees, and ancient portal trees. Meet the five founders: Lollandi Field, Woli Manchers, Jenu Geraffe, Xi Shua, and Oolgi Incis. LolliWolli Island, Igloo Island, Sweet Bees Island, and Tree Kangaroo Island are a few of the inhabited Islands. Each founder discovered one of these magical Islands, after escaping deforestation or poaching from their African and Asian motherlands. Learn about each founder's journey to Fruity Land Island, a magical and peaceful sanctuary. Eat your very first plate of Matunda Bakuli with Rosa Bella, Lolli’s mother. Absorb the history of Wolli’s grandfather while exploring the magic hidden in plain sight. Each story is a calling to be more kind to earth’s gentle giants as friends and neighbors of mother earth.


Release Date: TBD

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