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Adult & YA Fiction Books 

Grab a cup of coffee or tea to explore Tiffany Desiree’s collection of adult fiction. Read her most memorable love poems, adventure novels, and African spiritual horror stories. Divulge into creative fiction that challenges a readers mind and also brings about humor.

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Nature, Sex, and Culture:

A Tree of Discombobulated Thoughts

In this unmistakable and rich presentation of 16 poems (short story bonus), Tiffany Desiree shares a collection of spiritual, erotic (queer), and cultural selections. Every poem allows the reader to see more unequivocally, feel more profoundly, and love more thoroughly. Tiffany reminds us, "Love is a heart-throbbing pain of everlasting strain." It loosens our grip and gives the world a chance to become what it genuinely is: a supernatural shock and source of wonderment. Most admired poems include The American Immigrant, Two-Spirited Oregon Mistress, The Weeping Bird, and Blue Love Making


Release Date: September 23, 2018

Every Little Girl Wants a Tea Party 3D.j
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Every Little Girl Wants a Tea Party 

This dark folktale tells the story of a Creole girl named Nsia from Louisiana who moved to Kansas with her mom. Her primary focus is being the Queen of Sheba for Halloween. To collect Halloween funds, Nsia volunteers to clean up trash around the neighborhood for a man whom she doesn’t know is a Tokoloshe.
Nsia also befriends a Swedish witch named Maja, whose primary intention is to collect the blood of children descended from the first enslaved woman. Her blood was the purest and could preserve Maja’s existence as the last remaining witch. Once Maja attains Nsia’s trust, their 6 pm tea parties consisted of playing dress-up and learning about century-old African artifacts from Maja’s collection. 

After the sudden death of a good friend, Nsia discovers more about her powers as a half-human and Adze. However, Nsia did not expect to encounter dark souls, possessed children stuck in the spirit realm, and angry African ancestors seeking revenge for their children on Earth. Nsia learns that her family continues on a generational curse because of Enu, a great uncle, who enslaved his tribe. 
This mystical story will teach readers about forgiveness, slave history, and how anger keeps a spirit in a wicked state of mind. 

Release Date: Friday, September 13th, 2019




Enjoy the first-ever fiction series told from the perspective of an INFJ personality type. Dianne enjoys her solitude and sticking to her daily routine. Hali, her best friend, enjoys insane adventures that put them into awkward situations. Dianne is always being pulled into something strange because she has a hard time saying no. 


After Hali’s relationship ends with her on and off again boyfriend, Dianne officially gets pulled into a new adventure, which involves finding Mr. Right before graduation. Love, as Dianne would like to call it an “Endangered Word,” has become Hali’s life mission to find. Hali is an optimist looking for love in all the wrong places. Dianne likes creating Mr. Right in her head while occasionally making a move. 


Follow these girls on a journey through drinking the wrong drinks and kissing the wrong boys. Love is a thin line between black and white. But is it really, though?

Release Date: TBA

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