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Learn your ABCs with Leola Bear

Wildlife Edition

Released in 2021

In The First Christmas in Fruity Land: A Gift of Giving, Tiffany Desiree continues the adventures of best friends Lolli and Wolli she began in No Peas, Please! In this sequel she introduces her young readers to Lolli's parents, Rosa Bella and and Benatha, a travelling medical doctor who returns home on Christmas Day from a trip to Kangaroo Island [Australia]. The narrative of the friends' first Christmas together concerns the anticipatory joy they experience on Christmas Eve as they admire the tree decorations, guess at what is in their gift boxes, and pinch some of Santa's cookies, before falling asleep. Their excitement in the morning as they open their presents is typical of children everywhere--even though Lolli and Wolli are elephants--and also representative is the lesson they enact in the ethics of giving, receiving, and sharing when Lolli offers to share one of her gifts, the Fruity Land Kidz Adventure Club set, with Wolli, after she notices he is disappointed he didn't get one too, so she wraps her trunk around him to console him. This narrative is in prose--No Peas, Please! is in verse--and tells a more emotionally nuanced story about a greater adventure. The addition of the characters of the parents serves to develop the children's characters too with a family backstory and to identify the family as the key social unit of Fruity Land Island as a literary setting. Masha Samova's exquisite full-page, full-color illustrations enhance this lovely fable about the magic of Christmas, the dignity of childhood, the beauty of friendship, and the certainties of the blended family, Santa Claus, and the "gift of giving."

Paul Matthew St. Pierre, Professor of English, Simon Fraser University

It is a wonderful book that teaches kids especially during their formative years, the importance of fueling the body with nutritious foods. Eating healthy can be delicious too! The book is beautifully illustrated and is very colorful to keep the young readers captivated. It's a must have for anyone with young children!

What a delightful and fun adventure in storytelling! I purchased a few copies for my nephew and a friend's child. Highly recommend!

I had the pleasure of meeting this author! I purchased 1 copy, but have decided to purchase an additional 7 copies from Amazon for my classroom. I feel as if this book will be great for teaching my students about the importance of eating and looking to their friends for help. I can't wait for my students to utilize "No Peas, Please!" for book reports, read along's and silent reading time. I'm a proud 3rd-grade teacher who is in high support of "No Pease, Pease!" Each page is colorful and inviting. I strongly feel as if children will be able to grow with each character and identify with both characters in terms of similarities. I'm patiently awaiting my additional copies and can't wait for my students to get excited like me and my precious daughter has.

INFJ - The Outgoing Introvert
Tiffany Desiree
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