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LolliWolliWorld Presents Tiffany Desiree at Copper Cat Books Signing

Copper Cat Books has the best friendliness for visiting authors. This new and independently owned bookshop is paradise for geeks, intellectuals, and individuals who stop by amid their breaks just to talk.

Thank you, Debra! Supporting multiple copies of my book is truly humbling.

With a variety of diverse genres and an eagerness to find your most loved reads, Anthony and Wendy are making a name for themselves. I had such a blast during my book signing which included my two principal characters, Lolli and Wolli.

He bought his granddaughter the "No Peas, Please!" book and DVD cartoon.

When I arrived, I was in wonderment at such a lovely show table, which fit the African and Asian subject in my kids' books. Purchase signed copies of "No Peas, Please!" or buy a DVD cartoon or the coloring book at Copper Cat Books.

Sold the last copy of "Fair Day in Fruity Land."

Signing copies of "No Peas, Please!"

I received wonderful support from a continuous supporter of Copper Cat Books.

Lastly, do not forget to support this awesome bookstore by going to BESTOFLASVEGAS.COM. Click on Vote menu item to select the following category: Shopping. Next, go to the bottom of page and then click next to now select the subcategory: Antiques and Collectibles. Go to the bottom of page and click next. Copper Cat Books is listed. Simply click on the bubble next to their name. Furthermore, go to bottom of page. The website will give you an option to submit a vote for Copper Cat Books LLC.

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