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Writing Rituals for Cognitive Functioning

According to Neuron, "The most important cognitive functions are attention, orientation, memory, gnosis, executive functions, praxis, language, social cognition and visuospatial skills." In order to professionally utilize each function, one must have a set of rituals in place. Rituals are known to alter the brain to improve performance. As an author, my creative juices are best displayed with a set of routines that inspire me each day.

Indian Essential Oils with Sage & Pine

Before writing, in order to execute my executive functions, I simply burn Sage & pine with a mix of Indian Essential oils in a small pot. Lavender, grapefruit and pepper are some of the common oils that reduce stress, improve concentration and calms the nerves. Furthermore, such oils also alleviates insomnia for anxiety sufferers.

Love Escents

After burning essential oils, I also burn escents to open my environment to creativity and positive energy. Continuing on my personal ritual has allowed me to connect with my characters in more ways than one. Thus, opening my cognitive functions to go beyond my imaginations.

Happy writing, #INFJs!

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