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A Bite of Seattle in Vegas

Updated: May 6, 2019

For the past few months I’ve been having an affair. I cheated on my love not once but three times. Regularly, I sneak out in the mornings or at night in order to receive continuous love and affection. My dear friends, I cheated on Seattle with Las Vegas. Everything happened so suddenly. As hard as I tried to fight these urges, PublicUs stole a part of me I can’t get back.

Seattleites, you must understand the love will always be there. Unfortunately, there’s a new restaurant in town far from home but with a hipster feel, great for intellectual conversations and most of all, an introvert’s safe haven for organic food and relaxation.

When you first walk in, your taste buds will dance to the sound of sweet organic orange juice being squeezed naturally (Cold-pressed), while your eyes dance in harmony with a menu that so graciously caters to all individuals. But I must warn you, once you eat at PublicUS, the chances of you ever leaving is slim to none. You will also forget the city you originated from.

My stomach came alive as I devoured the Brekkie Burrito. With each bite my taste buds were introduced to something new. First bite, scrambled organic eggs wrapped in a flour tortilla, which made love to the refried beans while the onions and chipotle peppers kissed the crispy potatoes, allowing the chorizo (beef or soy) to immerse as one.

#PublicUS is an organic restaurant that supports locally owned businesses, such as Blue Lizards Farm and Herbs by Diane. All ingredients are seasonal and fresh. For a restaurant that has been around for only 1 year and 6-months, PublicUs is taking charge and making a name for themselves.

The servers are amazing. The dishes are exquisite. Most of all, you get a taste of Seattle in Vegas. Support an organic restaurant that has an option for every individual. If you're unsure of what you want, have a cookie.

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Hahahaha! I love this You are funny.

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