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My Curious Appetite on the Seattle Food Tours

What happens when you get a bunch of food bloggers into one room? They start romanticizing food. If food didn’t exist, what on earth would we have to talk about?

A week ago, I went to a well put together food tour on Capitol Hill. There were a total of 12 foodies and "1" awesome tour guide: Coral Lelah. Coral is a proud Seattleite and the founder of "Curious Appetite." She also puts together food tours in Italy.

On this lavishing tour, my appetite was indeed curious. There were a total of five stops: Bar Cotto, Le Zinc, Momiji, The Tin Table and D'Ambrosio. As you can imagine, I barged into each restaurant like a hungry fish ready to gobble whatever came my way. I was nice of course. Barely.

I had the pleasure of only attending four stops. I enjoyed all of these lovely restaurants, but Momiji stole my heart because I’ve been married to sushi since I was a child. After one Butterfly Roll, I stopped counting.

The only devastating part about eating at Momiji was coming down to the last roll. Who gets it, the tour guide or Simply Pescatarian? Thankfully, Coral was nice enough to let me steal that last piece. With no regrets, of course. That last piece sure did taste good. I had to brag, only to make you jealous.

My second favorite restaurant was Le Zinc. I’ve never had scallops that tasted like heaven. It’s been a week and I'm still bragging to my co-workers about the scallops they missed last Friday.

I also enjoyed Bar Cotto. I’m definitely a Chardonnay kind of girl and was taken by surprise with the chef’s choice of red wine.

If you’d rather spend your Friday with awesome foodies, browse the "Curious Appetite" website and tell her Simply Pescatarian sent you.

Enjoy, Simply Pescatarian!

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17 jun 2018

You seriously do not age! So beautiful. :)

Me gusta
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