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Hitting the Road for Freedom, Inspiration, and Adventure

Updated: Feb 1

Happy New Year to all of my dear friends around the world! I pray that your 2023 is much better than 2022. As we all know, 2022 (and under) was a rough year filled with loss, grief, and abrupt life adjustments to price increases.

As we approach February, many of us are still overcoming the same issues that we experienced in 2022. When I log onto any social media platform, I'm seeing a plethora of Individuals struggling with rent, food, and savings.

Sadly, chicken prices jumped 16.6%, while meats rose 6.7% and pork increased 6.8%. Fruits and vegetables together are up 9.4%. As Americans, and I'm pretty sure around the world, we have to decide between bills and food. Therefore, many homes are experiencing hunger to avoid eviction.

Nationally, 11.8% of renters saw increases of $250 or more. Only six states have rent control laws. Therefore, many renters have no rent control protection.

Unfortunately, I don't have the answers to fixing those issues. However, I do have the answers to how I choose to live my life.

My husband and I are choosing to become more fully immersed in nature. We're choosing to hit the road for freedom, inspiration, and adventure.


For 2023, our goal is to be less stressed about the things we cannot change. My husband and I would like to invite you on this wholesome adventure. Both of us are excited to live within our means and enjoy full-time minimalism off-grid.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” - Kung-Fu Panda

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