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Review: Pure Indian Cuisine (Under 140 words)

Enjoy food reviews from Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, and Las Vegas (under 140 words) while on the road.

Pure Indian Cuisine has some of the best Indian Tea in all of Vegas, so far. To top it off, my taste buds couldn't get enough of the Goat Biryani. The meat was seasoned so perfectly. Each bite was juicy, tasty, and all around flavorful.

Additionally, the Goat Biryani was made with love. The extra onions, which are my favorite, were cooked so perfectly. The Indian spices gave my taste buds a kick. Lastly, we completed our meal with vegetable Samosa. Who doesn't love Samosa?

Recommended: Yes Location: 8 mins from McCarran International Airport Nourishment rating: 5/5 Normal dish cost: $14.99+

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