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Meet our 2018 LolliWolliWorld Grand Prize Winner!

Please take this moment to congratulate Paul Matthew St. Pierre, our 2018 Winner of the "LolliWolliWorld" Grand Prize. This years winner will receive a custom-made story time pillow and the first copy of my Spring release: Fair Day in Fruity Land. This years winner was chosen based on their active engagement online, taking a picture of their favorite book from the series and sharing with fans.

Paul specializes in Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Island literatures, postcolonial literatures, critical theory, performance, film, and biosemiotics. He is author of Mediate! Digital Perspectives on Canada's Media History (2013), Janet Frame: Semiotics and Biosemiotics in Her Early Fiction (2011), E. A. Dupont and His Contribution to British Film (2010), Music Hall Mimesis in British Film, 1895-1960 (2009), and A Portrait of the Artist as Australian: L'Oeuvre bizarre de Barry Humphries (2004), and editor of Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 352: Twentieth-Century British Humorists (2010), and DLB, Volume 362: Canadian Literary Humorists(2011), and co-editor of Women and Comedy: History, Theory, Practice(2013). Dr. St. Pierre was the recipient of the Excellence in Teaching award in 2005 as well as the FASS Dean’s Medal for Academic Excellence in 2012, and co-recipient of the 2013 Islands Trust Community Stewardship Award for service to the environment.

Check out some of his books on Amazon:

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17 giu 2018

Congratulations! :)

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